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Another IT group has been outsourced. Many long time talented people who previous management looked out for, and provided extensive training to retain them. New management (DK) comes in and shows the group the door.....then move on themselves. What a train wreck this great division and company have become over the past few years.

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I believe the original poster was referring to our mainframe group. I calculate that about 150-160 people were laid off with that wave. I don't know any details but I imagine anyone with over 10 years of service got some sort of early retirement or severance. Less than that probably nothing. If anyone DOES know specifics, please let the rest of us know what to expect come spring.

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If you really believe the problem was DK you’re greatly mistaken.

Sure I’m out of tissues for him but if you look left and look right you’ll see that he was enabled by a lot of people many of whom have long tenure with CareFirst AND ARE STILL THERE!

All that money THE ORG SPENT on consultants… do you think any of his direct reports actually said, “hey we shouldn’t be doing that” or “hey there’s a better alternative.” Nope. Well maybe some, but those people who challenged him left a long while ago and perhaps due to bad counsel. So, what’s worse, someone who is enabled by a culture of mediocrity or trying to set a vision and having a bunch of people nod their head in support and talk sh-t behind his back.
At least he was trying to change stuff much can’t be sad for those who put up a wall of resistance. You know who you are.

I’ve long seen those types of people who are preventing change and dragging feet and contributing to the org gossip as trying to protect their cheese. They don’t really have a lot to say and they certainly aren’t going to help move mountains but da---t they got an opinion about everything, and don’t fu-k with their money, their cheese, their position, or their title. because even if you have great ideas the fact that you’re going to change what they want to do … forget about the organizations goals and objectives … fighting individual culture wars and personality wars. Welcome to CareFirst!

I would ask this question to leadership because I think this is the fundamental problem. Why do we keep shuffling people around from role to role hoping that somehow they’re going to move mountains? Most of those people got in those positions by hiding and being the last one to survive… Kind of like a cockroach… You can’t get rid of them and somehow they keep squeaking through the cracks.

That’s my rant. Read it or not. And if you’ve got a negative opinion about it … fu-k off.

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Pick one - any one. The churn in senior leadership dictates operating plan change at mid and line level management. For a company aimed at streamlining, the constant retool and reshuffle seems to mean the needed leadership is not nor has not been present in the IT group.

For DK’s exit to be advanced from 12/31 to 11/8 is really quite a stunner. No doubt he got paid to get out, but for someone who was lauded as such a visionary with a master plan, he too slinks out the door, albeit with a nice exit package on our member’s backs.

Talk about a waste of money driving up member PMPM, I got two letters for you: DK.

And this post is not meant to troll someone who was widely considered to be ineffective and inefficient spending millions on consultants to show nothing, but it is about stewardship of out member’s premiums and at this point, I hear many in the community they (unfortunately) cannot quite grasp CareFirst’s plan and leadership churn causing concern near/mid term operational plans. This is a concern spoken among seniors considering Medicare but are concerned with possible instability.

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Which one? IT service doesnot seem to be as good as it used to be.

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