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Boeing Layoffs 2022

If the market makes a turn soon, do you think there will be Boeing layoffs? Any chatter, news or rumors?

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Travel demand is up. So why aren't new Boeing 737 Max jets being delivered?
The struggling criminal aerospace titan is nowhere close to its goal of
reducing undelivered 737 MAX inventory by half in 2021.
More Layoffs are expected as incompetent management flounders.
So for any other cave dwellers asking the same piffle of a question as this OP
You Should
Expect Layoffs
Expect a global re-balancing in market share for this aircraft class
Expect difficult times ahead for those who cannot adapt
Expect difficult times ahead for those who have only known Boeing.
Expect darkness and despair
Expect Layoffs, again and again
Expect to find yourself in the fetal position.

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Boeing will continue to lay off until the majority of the older employees are gone. They have almost reached that point now.

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Question for Boeing and Everyone Else
Cuz I can’t think for myself.
Being a rivet pounder required a portion of my brain to be removed.
The parts they took out were, reason and self esteem.
But I are a good pounder and Boeing Blue through and through...

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Who cares quit worrying about money worry about your soul it’s all about the poison do you not understand

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