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Boeing Signals Optimism on Resolving Dreamliner, Max Issues

The Boeing Co. is on the verge of surmounting issues that have held back
deliveries of its two most important aircraft, the 787 and the 737 Max, an
executive said on Saturday as the company continues its pump & dump
to aid family members of the Boeing Board in extricating themselves from
Boeing’s beleaguered stock.

Restarting Dreamliner deliveries, which have been halted for most of
this year, is key to a financial turnaround at Boeing, but the plane-maker
must first address quality defects and win approval from regulators.
Mounir added that with 1.3 billion dollars in losses on the 787 program,
that program will never again be profitable, it just isn’t feasible he said.

Just as with the 737 Max losses of more than 20 billion dollars
There is no-way this program will ever produce a profit for Boeing again.
Hence the reason for our pump & dump scheme, it’s the only way out.
We got into this mess by lying, and we can lie our way out of this mess.

“We continue doing meticulous work every step of the way,”
Mounir said. “This is a case of Boeing being tough on Boeing.
This is a case of us looking at every single aspect of the design and
manufacture of the plastic plane making sure we’re complying
with our world renowned safety and quality standards.

More Layoffs Are Inevitable

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I don’t think the rest of the aviation community shares their optimism if the orders from the air shower are an indication. Airbus Is doing much better.

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Yes that is the answer! Change the landing “gears”! Three per plane! change the gears! haha!

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Yes that is the answer! Change the landing “gears”! Three per plane! change the gears! haha!

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Dear @1kqg+1dNKq8xn
With all due respect, you don’t seem to understand.
It is NOT our lack of engineering expertise or experience
It’s our lack of diversity that has caused all of our problems.
The Max debacle
The Tanker debacle
The 777X debacle
The Starliner debacle
The Stock Buy Back debacle
All of these failures are due to our lack of diversity.

As an example look at Portland, OR.
By Matt Christiansen

Another good example of the New World Clown Order is

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With engineering primarily done in India and Russia, just watch for more problems. Boeing management is going for low cost engineering, low cost suppliers, and low cost labor. Something has to give - either time, money, or quality… Unfortunately, I think Boeing will never deliver anything on time and will always have engineering problems….

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Boeing has lost its way, moving from an engineering foundation which was last seen with the best flying twin, original 777, to an incompetent bunch who points fingers and blame the suppliers
When 10,000+ retired after the on-time certification of the 777, with additional layoffs, the start of engineering brain drain
The 787 dev was a disaster, the max is a joke as a 2nd amended type cert of the classic design from the 60s, simply to save a buck, not changing the landing gears, etc and bragged about how the max only takes 4 hr of tablets training. Now the 777x is 3 years late and counting... and we are still messing with the design
Just sad
Comac eventually will catch up as Airbus did...

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All clear now.
Go forward. Move ahead.

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