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We could use some layoffs

As long as they get rid of the right people, we really could use some trimming of the fat. I'm having trouble understanding why we keep hiring more people when there are plenty of those who are just sitting around with nothing to do. Cut them, stop hiring, and we'll have no need for layoffs for a long time.

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Wow, if the average intelligence of an Accenture employee is exhibited by

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it is a compelling reason to not hire or work for Accenture.

Just saying.

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@1orj+1dNLo4mM The analysts that are hired afyer college and go into the consulting development program get overtime pay though… lol

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Young, id--t, Liberal children out of college are a dime a dozen.

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You still don't get it.
The business model is to get fresh meat cheap from the university/college output. Then, brainwash them with the Obama method 'Yes you can'. Make them work free overtime till they burn out. Rinse repeat.
So if you're in "management", you're basically a slave herder. Until they replace you too with fresher meat.

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