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Is ACI a good place to work?

Considering how non-active this board is compared to my current company's, something tells me that applying at ACI wouldn't be a bad idea right now. I can see here that layoffs are not too much of an issue, but what about other stuff, like company culture and work environment? Are promotions based on meritocracy or something else? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I worked at ACI and now I am at Fiserv, i came via an acquisition. What the other posters are saying, i agree with. I also understand wanting to leave Frankserv as it is dreadful.

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The talk about ACI being sold HAS been going on forever, and was always pure speculation until Starboard took a position in the company. ACI retained Goldman to investigate sale options.

This is very, very real and I expect a sale in the next 2 years. There is no way the current ELT can grow the company organically enough to satisfy Starboard.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if OP left Fiserv, came to ACI, and a year later ACI was bought by Fiserv?

On the other hand, if the role is under VP you can just put your head down and do your job. Especially if in Omaha.

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It will depends on the region/location. Like Fiserv ACI is not perfect. Sometimes it feels like we operate like a start up (organize chaos).
We have many brilliant and incredible people that works here. Then you also have your average and below average people that makes it frustrating for everyone else. Then you have the selective group of people that really runs this place and it's not the CEO.

Politics exist no matter what location. Some feels it more than others. It also depends on your role. If you are in that junior to mid-senior role - that's a good place to be. If you are above that, then it's challenging.

The talk about ACI being sold has been going on forever and there's a routine layoffs when we don't hit our numbers to save $. Fiserv is no different.

ACI has slightly improved with our new CEO but it has a long way to go. What I'm saying is - if you can work at Fiserv you can work here. I came from First Data a couple of years ago and it's much better here that's for sure.

Promotion is based on merit (junior to mid-senior level). You really have to prove yourself consistently, I am talking about minimum 2 years of overachieving. But if you're in a higher position, it's not what you know it's who you know sometimes.

Culture is based on location. Some locations are really great some not so much. It will also depends which group you belong too. Commercial team is precious and gets whatever they want and get away with a lot that will make you question why and how of life. Product or Technology Operations, lots of brilliant minds that also makes you question, what are you doing in ACI where you can be anywhere else but here. Then you have other groups that it's just so hard to get anything done because of all the red tapes and politics.

Bottom line, give ACI a try. It's seriously not all that bad as some of these reviews make it out to be. We could be worst like First Data.

I find some of these reviews are really just coming from unhappy employees (very small percentage). Like I said, we are not perfect, but it's a good place to work.

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Unless things have dramatically changed since Phil left it’s pretty much the same as Fiserv. A bit smaller, but layoffs still driven by quarterly results. Musical chairs ELT members who failed at other roles and then moved into different ones. A few of them were purged in 2020/2021 so maybe an improvement there.

If you are working in Omaha in a mid level role it should be fine. If you’re at HQ in a VP or higher role it will probably be miserable.

There’s a good chance ACI will be prepped for sale in 2023 and therefore expect cuts. Do you really want to join now?

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Depends on the location / region.

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In case somebody is wondering, I work for Fiserv.

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