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What's the problem?

Increasingly, I have the impression that leadership has no desire for this company to be strong and grow, on the contrary, that leadership has become destructive. My personal opinion.
Conditions are getting worse to for employees here, the atmosphere is bad and unfortunately, there is very little or no good news.

Motives we cannot know or understand?

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DirecTV will never return to it's glory days as it will slowly but surely slide into history. Just ride it out until the wheels fall off.

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What the heck is up with Field Dispatch?

We get the preloaded a.m. job and after closing it as done at 9:30 or 10...we sit...and we sit...and we sit some more.

Hour and a half to two hours of waiting is not uncommon.

We follow the unwritten verbal rules - we notify the boss we are idle, they supposedly send emails to Dispatch, we go shopping, we read a book, we wash the truck and maybe, just maybe, by 12:30 we get a snotty text from Dispatch demanding we accept our job as if we have been lagging and not been obsessively refreshing Atlas a thousand times for the last two hours.

Go do the job. Now it's three o'clock and we have finished job number two and we sit again.

We alert the boss, we take a nap, we deliver packages for Amazon and we wait for the next snotty text alert from Dispatch.

Which of course doesn't come.

At 4:15 we say "skrew you" and we start driving home.

Without fail, at 5:15 comes the panic attack from Dispatch that there are four missed morning jobs, and oh my gawd, we missed seven afternoon jobs too!

Oh you terrible terrible Field Techs - how could you?

And what do we do?

We send that job right back at them and keep driving home.

The only power we have to force this pisspoor Dispatch Program (cough, cough - Salesforce) to either get fixed or replaced is to dump all the garbage back into the can and giggle about it like maniacs.

Never thought we could be any more inept than T but darn if we aren't proving me wrong.

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Something smells rotten in Denmark is right - and it ain't the fish.

Our field orders have become a joke - service calls that aren't even remotely close to the problem the customer called in about, upgrades that have no purpose other than to lock the poor sots into another one year contract.

Outright lies from the Philippine Call Centers, BS sales pitches from the traveling phone pimps from IHX, missed appointments because Dispatch can't figure out how to use Salesforce software - you name it - if it can be screwed up - we are doing it.

Under T, we were underfunded and ignored - under TPG and the NEW whatever - we are merely incompetent.

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Texas Pacific Group committed to 3 years - so what comes in another 2 1/2?

The big hope is to foist us off onto Charlie Ergen at Dish and let him handle the "rurals" until Starlink or Blue Moon or some such low Earth orbit ISP grabs those customers.

As for the immediate, yes, there is push to get DPP sales up for the "free money" that scam brings in. Also being pushed hard to get fat one hundreds on that dated NPS scorecard as if it has ever mattered beyond being a sales pitch to a potential buyer.

Internally, the Field is being driven hard to cut physical costs such as inventory and truck stock - we run out of our meager allotment of supplies on a weekly basis and resort to begging off other Techs or trading goodies between other offices.

Think back to when former CEO Mike White was pushing CODE and all of the things already mentioned - it was called "polishing the pig" to attract a buyer.

Best we can do is to take that cloth and wipe on, wipe off because this pig needs to be made shiny once again.

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Don't worry, this will not last as TPG does not have a long position in DIRECTV. TPG will flip-it presumably to Dish Network in a couple years. Building the Brand is increasing the value/goodwill of the business without actually increasing the subscriber base to the desired counts. Tune out the Workplace noise and listen carefully to Mr. Marrow, he is an expert at his craft.

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