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The sinking of this company is inevitable

I'm sorry that GA is like this today. I used to love working here, and there were even moments when I was proud to be a part of this company.
Mismanagment has brought down this company to its knees and unfortunately, even though I thought it could be fixed and things would get better. I don't think so anymore. It's getting worse every day.
I think there is no more room for optimism?

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Are you proud of being a loser since 1970? Do you like tiny bonuses? Do you love management mistreating you and gaslighting you to feel "grateful" about having a job? Then GA is your place!
Do you like being a WINNER? Do you want to be on the cutting edge? Do you want to experience SOMETHING BETTER -- management, coworkers, pay?

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This company has been sinking since the 1970… but it has survived! GA does what it needs to do to survive… choices aren’t always popular and the methods used aren’t always the best but the company survives! One can say the company has been in survival mode since 1970 and it’s working pretty well…. Luckily the people that work at GA have a certain mentality that allows GA to operate in a way most companies are not able to. GA employees are unique, in a sense, and are just grateful to have a job as oppose to search out for a leading tech company to work for.

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Taking the 99 cent approach has kept GA in business for years and isn’t a bad thing - someone has got to do it! And if you worked at GA long term and were proud of it - you are a 99 cent employee or manager. A new market will open up that the big boys don’t want! As Warren Buffet likes to say “ I look for companies that are like cigarettes 🚬 that were thrown to the ground with a few puffs left and I puff them… get the last bit of revenue out of them before none is left. There is usually no competition Bc the margins aren’t great and no one wants into the business Bc it won’t last! Well GA is good at identifying projects with one puff left - that no one else wants! And GA will be back in business with its 99 cent employees and management

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Do not worry!! GA is just returning to its roots of 99 cents....99 cents of worthless POS hahahahah

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