Thread regarding Big Lots Inc. layoffs

Great New Incentive for Working on "No-Thanks" Giving Day: A BL Gift Card!!!

Yepper! You heard that right:

You volunteer for that day and you get 50 Big One$ to hand right back to Big Lots! any time you like! No word if the regular discounts apply.

Still amazing that this store is open sales, yet, full service! Karen and Kevin Six-Pack demand full attention at all times and in-depth product knowledge of every close-out bit of cheap, foreign-made, bootleg electronic device, pillow, towel.. whatever!

What we need is just two doors to the place with a large sign above that reads: ARSES. One door would be for kissing, and the other for wiping.

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The in-store sound system preaches "We're Hiring!!!", but all I've seen is hours being cut and vacation blackouts. No new hires and, well, a couple of transfers OUT of the store to other locations, leaving us with fewer people to provide holiday junk to the masses.

Why, oh, why can't Xmas be banned? The songs say it only comes once a year.. So does every other day of the year! Why not have Columbus Day decorations? Oh, that's right, Magellan had already gone 'round the world first. Well,87 foot!

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