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It's Very Unfortunate

It's very unfortunate that a company like Staples (and others) that "values their associates" never has a human resource optimization program in effect. Usually the first pass budgets come out in the Fall and management is shocked they have to cut to hit a certain number (where have they been all year??? .. They should have known this every day!!) .. So, they cut X number of associates without forewarning until "the day"- meanwhile there are open positions listed for other areas.
Sure, there are very specialized positions that can't be filled internally but a company that truly cares and has "in-touch" management would have a on-going program year-round that trains, fills, re-assigns associates, anticipating budgetary requirements so an associate doesn't lose their job only to have the company hire someone else from outside.
Yes, layoffs are used to cull the non-performers and yes, layoffs are used so management can say they're "taking action" but it really just reflects a management team that doesn't have a clue day to day.
Does it really make sense to dispose of perfectly saleable inventory and pay disposal costs only to buy back the same goods, paying additional costs ???
Well, the company has "Internal job postings" always available - sure, and I always believe I'm saving money because the "List price" is so much higher! - {C'mon, how to p*** off your current boss 101 - apply for a position in another department!)
Sure, there are certain accounting and investor PR benefits to this type of mis-management (it's a "one-time charge" and we "promise" it won't happen again!) - What about the costs to the associates that have to ultimately pay the price?
This is not a Staples specific issue by any means but when I see layoffs and job postings at the same time I really have to question the quality and integrity of management. It says a lot !

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I was in HR- they never looked at the openings (except in the one-off cases where they moved specific people around) to think proactively about moving talent. There's zero connecting those dots; no one even encourages those who got let go to look at the openings or shares termed employees names with managers who may be hiring

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The point was that as of today (11/27) there are 628 job postings on the dot com site. Of course there aren't perfect matches but I wonder if someone in the last 6 months (or even a year) as the fate of these businesses were determined actually said, "let look at our human resources before we make any move". People were being hired for the same divisions or skills that layoffs/terminations were planned - that's just incompetent management - period!

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You realize a whole $500m profitable division was dissolved in a single hour right? And you think this was standard end of year culling?

The entire (except for a few key accounts that moved over to HiTouch) Contract Project Furniture division was laid off, meaning Directors, Sales, Design, Project Managers, Order Management. Furniture Operations is next as soon as remaining orders are complete April//July.

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Management has figured out ongoing inventory rebalancing between locations, so I can only assume that inventory is more important than people !

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