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How to keep your skills sharp?

When I left GA and interviewed at other places my skill set was very outdated. Although I was an expert in certain technology none of it was leading edge or even last year’s technology. I was often giving examples of processes and tech that had been outdated for at least 10 years. I finally got hired at a lower position but surprisingly only took a minor pay cut Bc GA had been under paying me for years.
It took awhile to get use to the new pace but eventually I caught on and have since worked my way up. I did see more than a handful of old GA employees not make it.
At least where I am at I wouldn’t say having GA on your resume is something we look for and can often be looked as a negative

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Unfortunately, I have heard many more similar stories about outdated skills from other people .

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First post sounds like it’s coming from HR. HR is getting post removed and now they are trying to censor post they can’t get removed. How sad!

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This is one of the only boards that post true stories. My college professor recommended using this site to see the culture of the company and to get real feed back. I am thankful people are willing to share their stories about working with GA. I don’t have any working experience and know no one at the company. I received an offer from GA and all the feed back really helps me understand company culture. Other places may have mean people or work employees too hard. Some places complain about workload or job requirements…. But at GA - it’s real apparent that work ethic, technology and process are really behind other companies. I thank everyone for sharing real stories!

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One absolute necessity for keeping the sharpest skills:
don't be visiting the layoff board for a company you no longer work for.

Kinda wordy?
Kung Fu.

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