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I think we're at the point that - if you are not friends with the right people - the only way to advance your career is to change companies. If you are hoping to move up and don't relish the idea of kissing somebody's behind, then you're out of luck at Riverbed. If you were wondering why so many good people are leaving, there's your answer.

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Let me help you out. 9 out of 10 who got promoted, especially Directors and above, got it during Riverbed’s most tumultuous years and were handed out by TB bc they needed to retain talent, not necessarily bc they were talented.

If your manager were one of the nicer ones, then maybe you got a promotion too.

Know that Riverbed is very top-heavy and unlikely to give promotions even if excellent work were done. Without good worker bees, which Riverbed is having a bad time attracting, your promotion will require a lot more work from you.

Per adviced, move on.

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Promoted to what? You work at Riverbed, a company in bankruptcy. The original plan was to avoid bankruptcy. Now the latest letter says they decided to file. The court trustee made it clear they do not share the same optimism leadership wants you to believe. The end is nearer than you think.

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If you want the promotion, why don't you become friends with the right people?

Although I'd suggest leaving Riverbed anyway. Even if you get promoted you're still at Riverbed.

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