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Does anyone have a clear cut picture on any benefits?

They stopped taking money out of our checks for ATT savings since we spun away. Not sure on insurance. I want to sign up since I got a divorce. But not sure if that is in the works?

Not even sure if they are going to have a saving for DTV?

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Don't call HR. Call Fidelity and they will tell you how to start the process of moving your pension to a traditional IRA. Your ATT termination date was July 31st and Fidelity knows who you are and your termination date. My experience with the Fidelity Benefits Coordination Team was smooth and seamless no matter who I spoke too. I chose the Lump-Sum option and it took 7 weeks to see the deposit in my IRA. The paperwork is simple and can be download from Fidelity and then scanned and uploaded, no mailing of forms required. Your pension accrual stopped on July 31st and it will only receive interest credits which are minimal. The IRS segments are at historic lows which increases your Lump-Sum amount, don't ignore this opportunity.

The DIRECTV 401k is awesome! There's a 7% match if you at least contribute 6%. Keeping it simple, if your salary is $100k and contribute 6% ($6000) the match is 7% ($7000), no brainer.

Good Luck to all.

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If you were spun off to the NEW DIRECTV, surely you have been bombarded with emails about moving your 401(k) and any pension funds you have accrued to date.

It's a bit of a process to get things done - lots of calls to Fidelity, lots of online time.

Notaries if you are in a community property state - but you have to do it.

If this sounds alien to you - call HR first thing on Monday and get informed.

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I assume by "ATT savings" you mean the 401k. DIRECTV has its own 401k plan. If you haven't signed up for it you are losing the matching funds. Insurance is the same as ATT for now. We won't know all the details until open enrollment later this month for 2022 what changes in benefits are coming.

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