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The wrong question is being asked

I'm one that had enough. There was no focus on the future, just trying to survive. Left it all behind. The question is not "why do you want to leave Oracle?" but "Why would you want to stay at Oracle?"

Answer that truthfully.

If you are reading this, you probably already know the answer.
Not many companies care less about their "Human Resources"

You are working on new stuff, or being leveraged against it.
Are you working on new projects or being pushed into supporting older products?

Change is great..... if YOU initiate it......
If you are happy then I'm happy for you, otherwise believe in yourself not the BS you are told to keep you where you are.

An on point post from @5mky+1d4Sk2wY.

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I stay because I get that "tingling" feeling in the nether parts every morning when I come to work. I love getting up at 4am so I can conference call with Indian coworkers. Filling out spreadsheets and powerpoint slides is so exciting. It helps prove I am valuable. When I get called out during a conference call, I know I am important. I take the abuse smiling and it encourages all my fellow employees to duck and cover. We don't have any "yes" men/wormen/things on our team, we know when to be quite and we know how to bow down. One must understand the caste system and know their place. Just because we are all untouchables doesn't mean we don't have feelings.

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People stay for many of the same reasons people stay in bad relationships:

  • They believe that if they stick it out, things might change.
  • Feeling it'll be more difficult to start over than to stay.
  • Possible reduced financial circumstances if they leave.
  • Investment. The longer someone stays in a relationship the harder it is to leave.
  • Shared experiences/trauma with peers (successful projects, surviving layoffs, etc.)
  • Seemingly poor alternatives.
  • Comfort in the familiar/fear of the unknown.
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"Why would you want to stay at Oracle?"

I stay because they take good care of me. When our org bonus was single digit, and half of what was expected, they gave me stock to keep me on target. I stay for RSU’s, and managers that care!

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I stay at Oracle so I can avoids years in purgatory after my death. I have suffered enough.

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I’m just enjoying going on interviews and managing my investments. It’s not my fault they hired me and have no work. A person with 20 years in our global business unit is gonna show me how to pull an excel version of a report. We are gonna part like it’s 1999….now that person, that’s a loser. The people that kept them on, making 160k+ to manually plug text into an excel report, those are losers.

I’m sorry Oracle. You are the biggest loser.

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Because I don't have enough time to prepare for tech interviews.

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Because I love being abused by upper management India “ leaders”.

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Why would you want to stay at Oracle?

Ummm, because I'm a l@ser?

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