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No more extra work

I worked in a lot of companies before I came here, and to be honest, I did a bit of extra pro bono work in each. This was tacitly expected of everyone. However, in Truist it is no longer a "little extra work" that they will not pay, but it is so much extra work - enough for a new hire. In addition, here not only is this extra work mostly unpaid, but it is not valued at all even though it is expected of us. I decided not to do any extra work anymore. I can’t wait to see what it will look like when I stop doing what I certainly shouldn’t be doing.

If we were to talk about who works how many extra unpaid hours, I think it would turn out that most employees here are overwhelmed with extra work?

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If you are sacrificing yourself and your family for this “management” team, you are a glutton for punishment. No matter how much of yourself you give to them, or how effective you are in your role, they have zero loyalty and will cut you loose the instant they can justify it. They don’t care. The job market is fantastic right now, why people put up with this abysmal treatment is beyond me.

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The workload is horrible and getting worse day by day. I work in deposits, most of the employees were rifd, retired on their own or accepted the VSRP program. Our manager just redistributes the work for the staff remaining. If anyone makes a suggestion on improving the workflow, you'll get turned down immediately. Management couldn't care less. The work can't get done due to the current workload, and eventually it will fail, like everything else around here.

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I wouldn't do that extra stuff. The organization won't adjust staff levels if people are willing to set themselves on fire to keep Kelly and his ilk warm. Forget that stuff. You have a life and a family to manage. Kelly isn't going to do that for you.

Do a solid 9 and call it a day. If the higher ups get upset, that's their problem. To them, you're just a row in an analytics table. Find another opportunity that works better for your life and let them clean up their own mess.

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I answer is, that if you do nothing, in most cause you are better off. Your focal has nothing to nitpick at your hard work, so I suggest starting off in a new group that way.
However, if you do a lot of work, then stop, that's a performance issue.
Main idea is Intel is terrible at people management. You can also request a contractor to do your job or delegate it off in some cases.

Be careful, if you want to do nothing, you either have to start fresh and create that expectation early on, or you have to perhaps do it after your focal review. They need to get used to you doing nothing.

I made the mistake of working hard, and they don't care about that. Also, you have to have a likeable persona.

The reason why Intel has ageism issues, is they don't care about experience and doing a good job.

Intel management are like congress people, the are protected and not accountable, which is why they had issues.

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I hope you’re trying to leave and not just complaining about it. I left a while ago and don’t regret it one bit. Management doesn’t care about making a better bank, just better returns for the shareholders which means cutting expenses at all costs. It’s why the mobile app sucks and the integration work is taking way longer than it ever should have. People who stay are fools.

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