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Is Citrix preparing??

I don't like layoffs rumors, as all it does it make people afraid of losing their jobs and causes productivity to go down..

In my 10+ years at Citrix, I have heard many rumors, have seen shady deals, and also seen the way layoffs start in departments.

There is a department that is starting to ask its employees to "Define your role. Explain to me what you do. How do you bring value to the company?". This types of questions normally start about 3-6 months before a layoff in that department happens. They are poking their employees to see the following:

  1. Who is paying attention to email.
  2. Who has best response.
  3. Who can prove they bring the most value.
  4. If we get rid of him, would we potentially have a major impact.
  5. Can he replaced with cheaper labor in another country.

Again, it may not happen and maybe they are just "evaluating" their current staff, but I doubt it.

I'm sure there will be some people on here that will want to slam me for spreading rumors and I'm fine with that. Believe me, I won't lose sleep and I won't go cry in a corner. I hope a layoff does not happen and I wish everyone well.

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Nothing will get better at Citrix unless they shake up the EVP level. Most of these people have been there years now and it's this batch that started the decline. Fish rots from the head and just sacrificing DH is not going to fix this.

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Yes, they are doing the employee ranking (probably done already). There is a third party company doing an assessment of each department as we speak. I dont know the details on how deep they go. I also got the same questions on "Define your role. Explain what other projects you are involve with.... etc".

A layoff is certain, but how will the layoff would go is a different story. I have been here for 10+ years and I have seen nasty and stupid layoffs, but also seen some good ones (trimming useless directors and bad performers).

My guess, is either November or early February. Why, because in 10 years, the big layoff usually happen around those months.

IMO, we were doing ok up to the end of last year. Up to that point, we were told they were going to do salary adjustments and improvements here and there. Then we made that 2.4 billion investment... and there was no money left for anything.

  1. 4 billion? Like what in the he-l... I still struggle to understand how that product is worth that much money and how it will be key for our success... I would understand if they spent a fraction, but 2.4 billion for a tool that has nothing to do we any of our products. Someone please explain this to me.

Since the horrible purchase, my department has gone down to he-l. They froze hiring almost a year ago, so we never got the needed headcount. Then we got merge with another team, which added more work and folks started to walk away. The cloud adoption goals are nowhere to achieve. To backfill, you need VP approval!!! and many times they dont approve it. The result: when people gets overwhelm and see that nothing is been changed, they either quit or go in to "I dont give a sh!t mode".

I truly hope that somehow this company take some serious correcting actions at all levels. Not just the usual layoff/make numbers look good.

If not, I hope the package works out well for me... and yes, I am already looking for another job too, but not rushing to leave. When you are 10+ years the packages (so far) are pretty decent. In the meantime, I will take it easy, look for a good job and see how things playout.

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And what are you here for @fzx+1daZ7pc4? Guarding and preaching others on behalf of Citrix on this site despite being self aware that it’s a rumor site?

  1. O brown noser, no need to preach here, go and do what you are good at.
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“I don’t like layoff rumors” … but I’m coming to which is a rumor website to ask about layoff rumors.

Some self awareness would do you well.

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