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This really happened to me years ago.

I swear on my mother, who is deceased. I got promoted about 6 years ago. From one level consulting to another. My incompetent rat manager submitted my promotion but it was based on my base and not my total comp with OT. It actually ended up I was making less money. So I called HR….

I said very plainly. Why would I take a promotion to make less? She said well, it happens. I said well that doesn’t make sense and I don’t want it. I said it’s about making more money. Her response…

“You should just be happy you got promoted.”

This is the human waste we are dealing with. I laugh now cause I haven’t worked in about 5 years and I’m still employed by this circus.

Love you HR.

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What a sh---y company. Deliberately cheating their own employees. No interest in employee loyalty. No reason to be loyal back.

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Congrats to the guy running side biz. I’ve just been running my stocks and what not. I applaud you.

To the person who mentioned the raise, that is so weird.

I wish this place did let me go a long time ago. I know it doesn’t matter today. The funny thing is rats think they matter.

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Dude, that's awesome, and it happens so often across this and other companies, the whole "I haven’t worked in about 5 years and I’m still employed by this circus."

I've been doing nothing for about 9 years, kept thinking someone would lay me off, fire me, etc. but it just never happens. I even started a side business so I could make additional money, and I spend my whole day attending to my own business, with no regard for company business whatsoever. Sure I answer the occasional email, but that's all I have to do, and these chumps just keep paying me a salary.

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When I got promoted I was told that any increase in my salary wouldn't take effect until the next year. What that increase was going to be, or when exactly it was going to be effective was unknown. I've never heard of such a strange practice anywhere else before.

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