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Why do they keep the hard workers anonymous?

Many managers keep the hard workers anonymous while they take credit for their work in their 1 to 1s. Management is substandard, leadership is substandard, both from people mgmt point of view and technology point of view - impossible to learn anything useful from them. Hard workers and people who take their work seriously suffer a lot at the hands of these chancers. : post ID @2fyg+1daChWi3

This is so true. They regularly take credit for other people's hard work thus making them anonymous.

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I think it depends on the department. Sales Managers tend to put there quota making sales rep in the spot light. Sales Engineering managers - has an SE that can make their quota, bash them and keep them from promotion. The Marketing department keeps there people under wraps which is weird because marketing...then gives a long dissertation on why you're not being promoted. Development-its just shut up and code all credit goes to the PM. Support-- well I will say the get sh-t on the most. Operations-management believes being invisible is positive trait but again no compensation.

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