Thread regarding Starbucks layoffs

What did you get let go for?

I want to hear your stories. Me, I got the axe when some punk kids on bicycles stole our tip jar from the drive-thru window.

I jumped out the window, headset on, chased them down, got the tip jar back and took one of the kids bikes and told him if he wants it back to have his mom come down to the store and I’ll explain to her why I have it.

Our district manager was in the store at the time talking to my store manager.

They called the police down to take a report (the cops thought it was great and couldn’t stop laughing). I pointed out that we work hard for tips and they won’t reimburse us when they’re stolen. Management did not find my explanation satisfactory and I was fired the next week.

Thus, my 3 year stint with the ‘Bucks came to an unceremonious end.

It was well worth it.

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Was shift supervisor.

Had only 2 people on shift, including myself. The other barista developed a fever so I had to send her home. Couldn’t find coverage on such short notice and my as----e store manager wouldn’t answer my repeated texts or calls.

Didn’t know what to do so I closed early, based on the whole there can’t be only one person working at a time rule. (This was a long time ago, not sure if this has changed).

Got fired for it 1 month later!

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