Thread regarding Lockheed Martin Corp. layoffs

Will the wheel of fortune turn in our favor?

I envy those who left here. I’ve been trying for a few months now and I’ve become literally desperate because I have to stay here. They know this well and use the situation in every way, which makes it difficult for people to find a new job. I hope their good fortune will run out and they'll have to beg for good employees.

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I love how the OP didn’t mention the vaccine mandate, but sure enough two people come in and that’s what they post about.

We get it. Vaccine bad. Doesn’t need to be part of every post.

BTW: this walkout you guys are planning? During Thanksgiving week? Hate to break it to you, but not many in the company will notice.

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Get out of Lockheed now while you can. Many of us are working to simply walk off the job on/around November 22nd. We're not buying the experimental COVID "vaccine" mandate. Lockheed doesn't care at all about it's employees, all Lockheed cares about is continuing to push the Government's vaccine mandate on employees in exchange for contract awards. Lockheed is a morally and ethically corrupt organization which has lost the AI war to China yet has too much hubris to admit it. Do your research and get out now.
RIP Colin Powell who has become yet another victim of the COVID "vaccination" scam

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