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Silenced no more: A new era of tech whistleblowing?

...last week could be significant for the future of whistleblowing in Silicon Valley for another reason.

On Thursday night Gavin Newsom, California's governor, signed into law the Silenced No More Act.

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The thing is that these kind of laws are not that helpful. Being guaranteed you won't lose your job after being a whistleblower is just not that helpful.

Everyone you work with will attack you. It will be that way and then you will have to leave.

I don't see that laws protecting your job can be really helpful. People can attack you in ways that are very difficult to prove.

I am female and worked for 30+ years in the tech industry. Honestly, it was easier to figure out who supported you and who didn't when there were no laws. Now, sabotage is done under-cover. They keep information from you, tell you the wrong things, then pretend that that was all accidental. At least, years ago, misogynistic scumbags would walk right up to you and tell you they didn't think much of women and you knew exactly who was who. It was all out in the open and quite frankly, that was easier to cope with for me.

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not sure this helps the sad sack leftovers at Oracle given the company is now based in TX

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