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Plans for the future

A little older article, but I'm interested in what you think how many of these listed plans for the next period will actually become realized? Will GM succeed in doubling annual sales by 2030?

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the haters and losers posting here are so funny

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That's a lot of little guys to crush! Do you think the General's up to it?

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I remember when Mary B. promised robo taxis at WTC. I think it was supposed to be fall of 2017.

After they do more vax, more supply shortages, more food shortages, more division and control then they can sacrifice more humans to the gods of soylent green.

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Yeah, because this will be a lot fleet stuff so they won't have to rely on the customers who they've alienated for revenue. I still prefer Zoox, Rivian, and Tesla.

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Is this going to be done by laying off thousands of people? #GM2030

Is this like when they had a significant increase in sales year over year and you realize there was a massive strike the year before?

Are they betting on inflation picking up?

Does that include any bailouts? (Korea seemed like an easy mark)

Do you think somebody will give them some computer chips by then?

How many robo taxis? Why does that sound familiar?

Some companies try to blaze new paths and push the boundaries of technology...
Some succeed...
Some fail...
General Motors is trying to beat those companies to become even more too-big-too-fail

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