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Not the first time

People here are already used to worrying about their jobs when they should actually enjoy getting into the holiday mood. Well, this time I am prepared, I managed to make some savings and I would even like to be on the layoff list.
That doesn’t change the fact that it’s horrible what this company is doing. Do they have to make cuts at the worst possible time for most employees?

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I think the ceo and company once they figure out somewhere mid quarter they won’t make their numbers so they look to layoff people to boost that number so they can get their bonus.

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You know Hayford and all the elderly exec staff he brought with him need their end of year bonuses when in actuality they should be the first to go.

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Employees don’t matter to them. As we stated before the older you get the bigger the target. They now appear to want to keep rotation going slowly getting rid of older people. Ya know the ones who make good money but have 4 or 5 weeks vacation. Yes they are older and start having health issues to. So just replace instead.

Management doesn’t listen they know it all already.

Here is something that I read today is a survey of I believe 3000 who left there company on there own.
Ncr has this this issue too

Four words: Feedback that goes unheard

The survey found that a majority of employees are eager to share feedback with employers and do so in the hopes of driving positive change in their workplace. However, employees -- including many executives -- feel that all too often their feedback goes unheard and does not result in meaningful change.

Tho I will have to say as a seasoned employee at one time management left our group alone as long as the work got done. And your manager is probably just like you. It the ones above that cause all the issues

Ya know if it your first job outta school great,
Just don’t make it a career here. 2 years tops

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