Thread regarding Pearson PLC layoffs

They don't invest in the things they should

For example, in software. Someone mentioned competent developers.

How much longer will we have to wait for them to invest a little more in software?

How much longer will we have to wait for them to start appreciating the talented people who are still here?

I think I'll get out of here sooner than this company will invest a little money in things that really need to be invested in.

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Innovate‽ Why do that when you can just pile on top of all the technical debt that is XL, SMS, and - checks notes - the eCollege LMS, and other legacy APIs from previously failed products‽ We also reinvented the eBook again, so I don't understand what else you would need‼️

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While at Pearson I managed a $18M platform for which they would not allow us to hire a single fulltime developer to support. Yet they would create new C-suite position around strategy or diversity without blinking an eye.

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I don't think appreciation will come ever. The software issue is incomprehensible. The company will never make progress if this doesn't get fixed. It is global to all departments. Nothing that requires tech works well and band aid after band aid is applied but band aids aren't solutions. The tech issues aren't magically going to fix themselves and go away.

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