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Is it really that bad ?

This is just a candid personal opinion. Of course each of us have different experiences and I respect those. This is mine.

Before Oracle : Way back in 1998, as a student, I used to look at computer training institutes in Chennai ( IIndia) and most of them had one course that was displayed in bold outside . It was Oracle + Power builder. I learnt database in college and did not even have the audacity to dream that I'd work for Oracle one day.

Stint 1 ( 2003-2010I joined Oracle way back in 2003 as a Business Development Consultant ( Colld calling customers to set up meetings for sales). What an experience that was. I was paid airfare to travel from Chennai to Bangalore for an interview for a rookie role. I was paid airfare + relocation when I was selected. I was told my salary was X. But after joining I was told it is 20 percent more due to variable. Lunch was free. WE were given tokens at the beginning of the month. Amazing food and evening snacks. It was a dream job. I had a tech Background and I became a solutions architect ( sales consultant) within 2 years. At that time it was purely Database and bit of App Server, Discoverer etc - OC4J anyone ? :)

Stint 2 2012 - 2016 : Came back to Oracle and So much more to deal with this time. OBIEE, Database appliance, WebLogic. Tremendous learning. I also moved laterally to OMCS as a solutions manger. Again good learning about services.

Stint 3: 2017 - 2021: Last 4 years and probably my last. This time I had relocated to a different country. It was all about cloud. . Classic was painful. However Gen2 was a good experience - especially being a complete cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS . Not easy competing against players who started out many years before Oracle in cloud. But it was a completely different ball game and learning.

Now I'm out again - Not because I disliked it here ( Loved it here actually) but because I chose to specialize and moved to an organization that I believe will help in my career choice.

I'm not discounting the views on this site. However I have also seen too many people return to Oracle. If it was a bad company , people would not come back.

Those who are still with Oracle, be patient and I'm sure within the next two years Oracle will be as great as we were before the Sun/PSFT/BEA acquisitions.

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I know some people who were laid off and returned to Oracle. They were lying scumbags. They were laid off because Oracle doesn't do "firing" anymore, but these people were so bad they needed to go, so they just laid them off. Then, they turn up in another place in Oracle. Why? Because, they have no job skills, but they are excellent at lying and sucking up to people, so they convinced someone they were just "treated badly" and really they were good employees.

They were sc-m. They lied to get back into the company. The dummies who hired them are no doubt having a lot of second thoughts, but they are now stuck with them, because Oracle has a no-firing policy. Now that layoffs are not coming up, they just live with them. Try to set them off to the side so they don't do too much damage, but they are back.

At Oracle, the rats always return to the mother ship, even though it is sinking. They are not smart enough to go anywhere else and they understand how to navigate the corruption at Oracle to hold onto their tiny jobs. They can't go anywhere else. They know perfectly well that they couldn't get a job at a real company. But, they can promise to suckup to some id--t rat-manager at Orahole and hold onto a job that way.

Question is, why does the OP keep returning to Orahole? Don't you have enough confidence and knowledge to get a job at a real company? Are you really that clueless that you don't understand what Oracle is? Who your fake manager is? Really?

Oracle is a dump. I have seen so much sh-t, it's unbelievable. But, if I wasn't paying attention, would I think like the OP and just figure everything is really OK?

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Yes, in some areas, it really is that bad. Attrition is off the charts, yet volume of work continues to hold steady or elevate. There is 1/3 headcount in my group relative to headcount 5 years ago. Situation becomes more unbearable with each colleague who leaves. Rinse and repeat. The conclusion of that cycle is very predictable, yet our leadership team is so busy circle jurking each other that they don't have the time to multitask and actually do something about it.

Effing manager clowns.

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As one other person, it sounds like this is more about you than Oracle. I can assure you this place will not be returning to any glory. Their products are old. The cloud is a joke. They’ve acquired so many small companies they have such a terrible mix of leaders who aren’t worth their salt. Let’s get into absolutely zero employee loyalty, no raises, no development, not anything.

I’m in one of the GBU’s. In all my time here I haven’t heard anyone say they like what they do or like Oracle. In fact I’ve never heard it. I know this is my problem. I made the mistake of trusting a few rats and I paid for it.

I end it by saying I consider coming to Oracle the biggest mistake of my life. One that I paid dearly for; mentally, psychologically and professionally.

Kudos to you for surviving cause that’s what it sounds like you did.

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Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you made the best of bad situations, multiple times. It sounds like you were able to ignore most of the BS and you were able to focus on educating yourself and focus on helping customers and helping colleagues. And it sounds like you tried not to let the low-morale & ridiculous-management-antics bother you. And it sounds like you found yourself in decent orgs when the time to be in those orgs was still somewhat ok. And, more important, it sounds like you got out, each time things got intolerable. I commend you. Your story says more about YOUR resilience than it say about Oracle. Thanks for sharing your story and letting the rest of us know that we're not alone. Your story is probably pretty common. Yours is a story of survival and resilience. Thank you.

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“Those who are still with Oracle, be patient and I'm sure within the next two years Oracle will be as great as we were before the Sun/PSFT/BEA acquisitions.“

Yeah, I was down with you until this part. The executives who made those what I guess you would call BAD acquisitions? They are still with the company. And they’ve added lots of clowns to their ranks since.

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