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General Motors is hiring

I saw a message saying that GM is hiring followed by the usual examples of the no-nonsense culture like this one where Mary changed the dresscode to "dress appropriately"...
For me, GM was mostly nonsense! It was nothing but bullying and politics until the experienced engineers succeeded in throwing me under the layoff bus.

It's another one of those things meant to show that GM has changed despite the fact the people who are fighting the change helped get the people helping it laid off.

Snake oil salespeople!

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Maybe if they didn’t get rid of many IT and engineering professionals a few years ago they would have the talent. I know many who were laid off because they were old or had a high salary. I hope they have to pay more to replace them.

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We tried the import/export designer and engineer thing for a very long time. It just doesn't work very well. Tends to cause more problems than it solves.

What we noticed with the oversea counterparts, is that we were recycling people often. Anytime someone learns something new over their peers, they bail for a better job. It's a constant revolving door.

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Maybe they can bring designers in from other countries so they are dime a dozen, too

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Total nonsense! Yes, bullying and politics to the max.

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GM says they're hiring, but are they really hiring?

Their blanket designer ad says they're hiring in all areas. I've worked at GM for decades, and I've NEVER seen that type of ad ever. That reeks of desperation.

Either they've increased workloads to tremendous amounts of manpower required, OR, people are getting effed up from this shots, and they can't fill spots. People are no longer getting paid to sit at home. Logic dictates that if this would occur, there would be a mad rush for a job.

Moving on from GM, I can tell you in my current facility, as of six months ago, not TODAY, as of six months ago we were 35 designers short of what was needed. Engineers are a dime a dozen. Designers don't exist, especially when you get into their various specialties. Designs don't progress, without designers. Not only is it needed to identify real world conflicts, it's required for legal purposes.

Isn't today fun? The house of cards might actually start crashing down. It'll be biblical.

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