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Don't want the vaccine? Make them change the rules! How? Hit them where it hurts, their wallet. Don't let them hit their monthly revenue goals, everyone call out sick everyday the last week of the month! (10/25-10/29) show them that they will be screwed if they go forward with this plan and fire us all. Stand up for yourselves or give in and lose your freedom of choice. WE THE PEOPLE still run this place... They need us more than we need them!

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Worked out about as well as management “looking out” for us.

Much like the company itself, there was no organization, and they chose the wrong thing to be outraged over.

It explains a lot about this place.

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You’re right, you’re supposed to have a choice.

You’re also supposed to take responsibility for that choice, and that’s what we aren’t seeing from the majority of those who don’t want to be vaccinated. You don’t get it both ways.

Want to retire over this? I’ll absolutely support your right to do so.

I also want to point out that with the countless times this company has been caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing, the complete lack of ethics, and sometimes, even outward behavior (Linda Gooden, anyone? And there’s a long list of folks for that list), THIS is the hill you choose to die on?

That’s fine. But don’t canonize yourself. You’re only taking a stand because this time the company behavior disagreed with your views/politics, and because it finally affects you directly.

And I’ve had the experience of actually spending time in a land with a repressive regime (as in people who spoke up had a tendency to “disappear”). This doesn’t even register as a blip on the radar.

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You know, this is still America where you are supposed to have a choice.
Those of you who are posting sarcastic replies should be careful. how easily to give up your freedom. This will not end if we don't stand up to it. I am retiring early and I'll be just fine. I would rather do my part to resist this tyranny than accept their blood money.

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Just did one better: I resigned from MFC engineering. LM is going to need as much luck as possible to find competent replacement engineers since much of my group has left the company.

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Just call out until you retire. Problem solved.

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