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Glad to be out

So glad to have taken the early out some time ago.

The annual fiscal-year blood-letting was life-draining, especially as it was around my birthday.

I watched foreign-born, male, director-level managers berate very effective female colleagues. And then said colleagues' American manager of equal rank just roll over and ignore the abuse of her direct report, until the abused colleague left.

Then she was surprised, when VERP was offered, that within a week of same I said "I'm going. Outta here."

But whyyyyy?

So I told her. 'Cuz I had nothing to lose at that point. About how I hated it there, and how she had disappointed me as a woman manager-senior-director by throwing a very effective woman staff member under the tuk-tuk.

Sadly, they held me over past the end-of-fiscal-year blood-letting, as I was considered "essential" to the fiscal year transition.

The consolation prize though, was that in my final weeks due to the FY year-end re-org, I was assigned to a great woman senior director who "got" what I was saying and feeling.

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