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CNN coverage

Fareed Zakaria covered the great resignation and strikes in America. Employers have to improve conditions, or people will walk.

Attrition is rampart at Oracle. Will it get worse

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Cause? Just about every corporate policy of the past several decades. Underpay. Overwork. Zero empathy.Lack of work/life balance. Layoffs as a method of staffing control and Wall St approval. Outrageous discrepancies between executive/CEO pay and their workforce. The destruction of unions. The H1-B as modern indentured servant. The entire hiring/ATS industrial complex. Ignoring the needs of women/parents. Employer ghosting. Big biz spending millions for lobbying against employee friendly laws. B u l l s h I t policies everywhere you look.

People in other countries routinely go on strike when their gov and society disrespects them. Think France and other EU countries. The tide has turned in the US. This is a rolling general strike.

You know what it is NOT? Not because of laziness or stimulus checks. Not because people don’t want to contribute. Just that people have a limit, and they are feeling their power.

Power To The People.

Right on!

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What's the cause of the attrition?

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