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Zero Culture Company

Samsung is a zero culture company. Purely binary and balance sheet operated. The only variance to this is if you have a high ranking last name in the geneology of the Korean family. It is a company that doesn't reward hard work and results with anything but more work and unrealistic expectations. When you achieve anything, no mater how significant, the response is "not enough". When revenue is not enough, they take the position of cutting people, versus improving people. They have the weakest employee development structure, only to be out done by career development. Samsung is not a company to build a career with, unless you enjoy abuse.

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I can attest that the above is true. I was a contractor, placed on assisnment at the Coppell, TX location for a nine month contract. 72 days after starting we get called into a meeting and are told that as of 1 business day later we are expected to show up and report to a different senior manager at a DIFFERENT location than we were assigned to initially. When I told my agency that they could honor their contract or end the contract, Samsung came back and said they didn’t need me any longer. There were no performance issues at all! And I had just signed a $22000 lease 4 miles from the Coppell office.

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