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Common themes among ex-O mgmt still in big tech

I’ve been on a few interviews the last few weeks. All great experiences. Few times I came across ex-Oracle people in mgmt. People I actually admire even aside from our short time. Their comments…

“I never felt like Oracle was a career. You’re a nobody and they don’t care about employees or customers. You’re tied to an 800lbs gorilla.”

“Oracle has two classes. The white collar sales people and executives that are treated like gods. Blue collar that actually know what they’re doing and treated like cr-p. I knew Oracle wasn’t for me. Old school. Terrible culture.”

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OP here. I came in via an acquisition, trusted people who I thought knew their stuff and then let them lead. They weren’t leaders, just kinda brutal at all things. I had this hope things would always get better. My God was I totally wrong….but to my credit, I made some really great investments during all that free time. They really have done well and still on target if not further for early retirement. Things didn’t go as planned but when do they ever (laughing). It will be a relief to move on and it’s close.

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Yes. The Oracle caste system. You notice it more when you join from an acquisition, and immediately they try to put you in your place and keep you there. Which is why smart, talented individuals don’t stick around for long.

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