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Hard work is noticed?

Someone said hard work is noticed here. I wouldn't say it is. In order for hard work to really be noticed, one must make a good effort to make it noticeable. Some think that just hard work is enough and that the COP will notice it. Well, it's not! I have always wondered why this company values those who work the bare minimum!? Because they try to present everything they do, even the minimum they do, as a great achievement.

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If you're already doing the hard work, why would you not make sure you get credit for it? You can pi-s and moan all you want about people not noticing, but at the end of the day it's your responsibility to advocate for yourself. If you still don't get rewarded, maybe it's not the place for you.

Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

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The inglorious legacy of Her Highness and the notorious RB (no G) continue unabated. The noise you see at the work face was simply a smoke screen for the real wealth transfers over the past decade.

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That’s correct!
I’ve been working for COP many years now, the last several here in the Eagleford.
There is a ridiculous amount of fuckery going on over here.
They people that work hard with real talent get taken advantage of and rarely promoted.
The people that sc--w up the most and have less talent seem to be the ones that get the opportunities.
From the godsons of superintendents (won’t say any names, but may rhyme with clamador) constantly wrecking vehicles and being covered up, to the “married” women in the office that seem to forget they are married, including the engineers. (Won’t say any names but rhymes with Ronya)
The so called leadership here is a joke, one of the superintendents has literally had every member of his family working here, the daughter has given more head than anyone on po-nhub, it’s like if she gives you head (in the office, you’re next to promote) I don’t understand how everyone who can do anything about seems to turn their head, their actual heads, the other way to all of this fuckery. This hasn’t even scratched the surface of the stuff going on here, I won’t even mention the stuff going on in Houston, fu-k it, I just may. (No names though)

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