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Just another useless move

This is not the first layoff/restructuring/RIF or however they decided to call it this time and it'll not be the last. The only thing they all had in common? They achieved nothing in the end. No improvements, results still suck, any material gains are temporary... It is all for nothing every single time. And yet they keep doing it. Madness.

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So all NAD's were let go?
Not sure what my rep was called. Who will call on my account going forward?
Will it be a Florida call center rep? Not interested in that.
Isn't this what happened at WB Mason?
I heard all of their reps will be going away soon or have already.

I guess I will turn to Amazon going forward. I like dealing with a person coming to my office once in awhile, of course not during covid.

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Layoffs were NAD. It was called a restructuring but I believe it was layoffs. The expectation of businesses going back in October hasn’t really happened. Many companies are now on a hybrid work model. 3 or 4 days in the office 1 or 2 days from home.

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Wall Street analyst here. I'm interested in more details. Were the layoffs at the stores/retail, or in NAD (business to business)?

Is it because no one is going back to work--and so we don't need furniture, toner, paper, etc at offices anymore?

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And the sad and disappointing thing is, they shift the same useless managers into different roles with continued poor results.

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