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This is a reflection of our work atmosphere

The posts and discussions on this forum are the perfect reflection of our work atmosphere. Toxic, adversarial, competitive instead of cooperative, bullying towards anybody who thinks differently, and downright unpleasant. If you're wondering why COP is a cr---y place to work, there's your answer.

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I left Surmont a few years ago because I was being forced into a position I didn’t want. I was very good as a dedicated control room operator, never any issues in my position and never complained. I was organized and looked up to by my friends there.
I cannot understand how a company can think it’s ok to push employees around.

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Despite the many intelligent and capable people at ConocoPhillips, we have failed to reach our potential and for most, the work environment is much less enjoyable and motivating than it should be. Once an organization selectively enforces rules and processes then all expectations of fairness are lost. People lose faith in the system and exclusively look out for their best interests. Working here is a charade, a farce and a waste of time.

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Counterpoint: though the longest part of my career was spent at COP, I had two long stints at oil majors, and was friends with people in many different O&G companies. COP’s culture has changed over time; it’s markedly different since the spin off. The original CEO of merged hPhillips and hConoco fostered a very different culture to the current CEO. But at no time in the last 9.5 years has the overall company culture been “[t]oxic, adversarial, competitive instead of cooperative, bullying towards anybody who thinks differently, and downright unpleasant.”

Individuals’ mileage may vary, of course. I had bad bosses, good bosses and OK bosses. And at other companies I saw lots of anonymous unpleasant political gossip as you get on TheLayoff. In the 1990s half the workforce had it in for “HillyBilly.”

I can’t speak honestly to the culture post Concho deal because I left (amicably) in 2021. There were specific things I thought hCOP could do much better. Some people felt that they couldn’t say this openly, but many people (including me) did say this when given the time. I’ve no doubt that some people left thinking that attempts to speak up met with uncompromising retribution. That wasn’t my experience. Many people I knew, up to the highest levels, spoke truth to power constructively and honestly. They weren’t immediately marked for termination. Many are still with COP, and others left at a time of their choosing on good terms.

COP isn’t a safe space, and it isn’t the Evil Empire. It has most of the pluses and many of the minuses of big companies in its industry. You can meet, get to know, and work with people who are motivated, smart, ethical, commercial - often more than one. If you haven’t worked out how to stay away from people who are none of those things, then that may be on you.

[And I never worked in HR].

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Yep. It starts at the top and works it’s way down. This is not a place of innovation and construction, it’s a place of stagnation and decay. That’s why our new strategy is to simply buy more successful companies and old, worn out acreage and then bleed them dry or nibble on the crumbs.
SPIRIT values, my ar$e

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