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797 will be the best AC out there. The question you should be all asking is when Boeing is gonna have a massive hiring spree...

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We have hired the most expensive corporate executive to manage the
797 project, Hunter Biden will be in charge.
Rachel Maddow is heading up product research and product placement.
Chris Como is running ethics.
Jeffrey Toobin is handling customer relations.
David L. Calhoun is running the 797 propaganda machine.
Dennis Muilenburg will be falsifying all reports sent to the FAA.
B. Marc Allen is in charge of all bribes needed to satisfy Congress.

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All I got from this post is that Boeing is absolutely almighty and powerful. Too big to fail. Definitely a company to work for and build a career at. Thanks for reassurance!

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Please stop the ride. I want to get off.

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Now there’s an individual who knows “Nothing” about what it takes to bring
A new aircraft to market
REMEMBER > how all of management was laughing about how perplexed
all other aircraft manufactures were about “How” Boeing was able to get
our aircraft certified so fast.
They were laughing about our Secret Sauce
Boeing so called Proprietary Methods for certification.
Boeing’s Secret Sauce
Lie to the FAA
File False Documentation
Omit Critical Information
Buy Off the Congress and members of the FAA, to look the other way.

Will Boeing’s Secret Sauce Work on the 797 --- NO WAY
We will reap what management has sown

Talent Exodus

Analysts warn of Boeing Talent Drain --- No Long-Term Strategy ---

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You must be young or new to Boeing. There has not been a CEO at Boeing who though engineers were value added since Mcdonnell Douglas bought Boeing with Boeing's money.

Todays CEOs think they can "automate" the design and anyone off the street can design an airplane. They prefer to use beancounters but anyone will do in a pinch.

Engineers cost money and are therfore not welcome at the Boeing company.

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My guess is that this will debut about 3 years after Airbus completes their version.

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They won’t have a massive hiring spree. The CEO believes they can design a new airplane with only a couple hundred engineers.

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