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Hiring but nobody is hired?

I heard rumors that ADP is hiring but nobody's getting hired. Some positions are reportedly open, however, they are not being filled, ie no one is getting employed. Is this really happening? It wouldn’t surprise me because we’re very, very understaffed.

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Another troll hired by ADP's reputation defender

First of all you don't know if the comments are from current or ex ADP employees. Your defensive comments not only validate the frustrations of associates, they also prove how tone deaf ADP's "leadership" is (shame on you).

At least you are willing to admit there to some issues (remember acceptance is the first stage...:))

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This is a problem in every industry and not just unique to ADP no matter how the bitter laid off people who still troll ADP on this forum might try to convince you otherwise.

The no show rate is high but much of this is because it takes too long from application to offer. Companies that are moving fast from App to hire are scooping up the opportunities. Offering competitive pay is also slower transitioning than it should.

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Lets see if this sound familiar

  1. There is new management every 3-5 years.
  2. They get PAID to cut costs - AKA - tenured associates to save $ while the remaining workers suffer and not backfill positions
  3. New management depart as soon as their stocks vest or realize its a unwinnable situation
  4. Cycle repeats

AVOID this place!

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That's because the secret is out ...ADP = NO Compensation, NO career and slave labor !

Focus on the outcomes not the words management spews!

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