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This mandate is wrong

This vaccine mandate scares me more than anything this company has ever done. They are purposely causing discord amongst fellow employees. The is no room for people to have free thought. They rather just have us obey like robots. People should have the right to not get vaccinated if they don't want to and still be employed. We shouldn't have to file a for religious or medical reasons to be exempt from getting the vaccine. It isn't right. Its only going to be so effective until they decide whether you should still be employed with the exemption. They can flip that at anytime. Or decide they "lost" the form and rid those people. This is nothing but a system to make people fight each other and have them control you. Yes you and your body.

I myself am pro vaccine, but I understand that people have a choice. Gf is taking that choice away. There is no reason to mandate. I've seen how nurses and doctors treat patients without the vaccine. Its awful. They aren't treated as a human beings. They won't give you any care or will give bare minimum care if you aren't vaccinated. Its not fair that someone who needs an oxygen tank won't receive one until the 3rd or 4th visit. Nor is it ok to deny someone who needs open heart surgery, when their insurance covers it, all because they don't have a vaccine. This is even done to people who are nurses or doctors that don't have the vaccine. Its down right awful.

If doctors and nurses are denying Healthcare to people and coworkers for not having a vaccine. What do you think Gf will do with the info of you not being vaccinated with an exemption? Placed on a watch list and look for any reason to let you go. All because you don't follow and comply to the political agenda. If thats not considered wrong, then what is right or wrong?

Gf congratulated us on working through the lock down. Now they are ready and willing to let people go during a chip shortage. They are willing to get rid of people after we've lost so many people already. For being good employees, and working through a rough time for most people, you are now congratulated with being terminated. Gf is doing nothing but wanting to cause turmoil and in house fighting. They are promoting division among there employees.

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It's like that in a lot of big companies. It's all about $ or else not wanting to get sued or reducing headcount without paying severance. Courts will probably not side with the injured employee because it's all about pro-vaccination. It's like all of a sudden people are dying from COVID and hardly anything else. So many deaths are blamed on COVID even though the death toll numbers are same or similar to pre-pandemic years. So much unrest throughout the world against the mandate speaks volumes.

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It's all a calculation.

Remember, they already collected vaccination statistics from the EHS "training" earlier this year. They've decided they can get by if the remaining 16% decide not to get vaccinated.

They don't care about controlling people's bodies. They care about complying with federal guidelines. Complying with these guidelines translates into revenue.

Here's the thing, whether you like it not, NYS is an at-will state. GF can dispose of you whenever/however they want. You can dispose of GF whenever/however you want. You see value in GF, and GF sees value in you. That constitutes your employment relationship. A variable, like being vaccinated, can increase or decrease that value for either party.

I would like to say most of us aren't obligated to work at GF, but there's definitely a decent number of people that need GF for their employment visa. Not including visas, most of us have expired retention contracts or none at all. This means we're free to seek employment elsewhere. Of course there are other factors like family etc. that might keep you in the area that's lacking other industry jobs.

Maybe you are young and haven't worked for a big corporation before. There's nothing exceptional about GF. Everything they offer is pretty standard. Maybe the parental leave is the most forward-thinking benefit GF has.

We entered the pandemic together in 2020, and as Tom said we'd get through it together. Well, we got through it. Shadow layoffs started in August 2020, with some carrying into early December last year. That's right! They laid off people during the holidays.

Anyways, I tried to be polite with the above statements, but if you haven't figured it out, it comes down to this: if you don't like it, you have options. The main one is that you don't need GF.

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