Thread regarding Art Institutes layoffs

Questions about Colbeck Foundation (aka Education Principle Foundation)

How many people at South University and the Art Institutes know about their parent company, the Colbeck Foundation (aka Education Principle Foundation-EPF): that this obscure "non-profit" is related to a NYC investment firm, Colbeck Capital?

Where is Colbeck's 2019 IRS 990? Are they even registered in Delaware as they claim they are?,%20DETERMINATIONLETTERS,%20COPYOFRETURNS&orgTags=CHARITIES&orgTags=DETERMINATIONLETTERS&orgTags=COPYOFRETURNS

And right now, how much is Colbeck shaking down from South University and the Art Institutes? What are the implications for this shake down, on the ground, with what you see?

What happens after Colbeck extracts as much as it can from these schools?

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