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Isn't it high time they got concerned?

I think more people have left GA lately than all these years I’ve been here. Those who are still here are already feeling the effects of the attrition. However, management does not seem overly concerned. I wonder if it is not high time to start dealing with this problem or will they react when it is too late because I am afraid that lost talents will not be easy to replace?

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Lost talent? Are you sure you work at GA? There is no talent at GA! There is no one running in to hire GA “talent” away…. GA is full of old people trying to work the least amount possible until retirement and young worthless workers being taught skills that are 15years outdated! GA could loose more than half the work force left and still wouldn’t see an impact on output

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GA is a reactive company. They have never been a proactive company. This, they will only make changes once it’s too late per usual and pay the consequences.

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