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Replacing great managers with bad ones

This has happened to me and I know it happened to a few more people. Good managers who show respect to their direct reports and who know theirs and our jobs well have been replaced by people who have no idea what we do and how we do it and who prefer to get their point across by yelling. It saddens me that good people are losing their jobs to inept replacements. Why this is happening, I don't know, but it will not end well for the company.

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Yes some managers still think they can rule by the iron rod and threats, making up their own procedures and processes, often contradicting Simply DXC, and they get a way with it.

These bully managers help to create a toxic environment and are partly responsible for the mass exodus.

Shame the top don't know what's going on at the lower layers and keep ba----g on about Simplify DXC and other stuff when lower managers are inventing stuff and bullying people to follow it.

Should be a more open company and the managers who work against simplify DXC or bully should be the ones under threat.

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Don't worry. Accidenture runs on constant churn, with new bodies coming from university/college graduates, aka fresh meat. It's what they used to call satanic mills. They will do just fine with d-mb and inept managers.

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State Farm does same thing. Must be duplicating

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