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Stop worrying about layoffs and do something proactive

You gain nothing from worrying about something you can't change. Instead, start working on a plan in case you're laid off. This company certainly doesn't care about you or your best interest, so it's on you to make sure your future is not fu---d up if you get your walking papers. Make a plan and stick to it. Once you know that you'll be okay even if something happens, you'll be stressing less and your mental health will improve immensely.

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Start looking now and when you realize how much more your worth outside of NCR accept the job and leave them high and dry with little or no warning. NCR wants people to sacrifice their personal lives, work unreasonable hours, spend their own money on items the company should supply and for what? To be hustled out the door like a criminal so the "LT pigs" at the top can justify their end of year bonuses. This is the New NCR under the current administration.

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