Thread regarding ConocoPhillips layoffs

SLT continues the lie

The lie started with the email about Stat holidays in 2022. Parade Day was taken away and one of the first reasons given is that GCS is not accessible. That's a flat out lie. We all know the building is accessible during the parade, you just can't drive down 9th Ave and run over a Shriner in his little plane. Then they doubled down in the Q&A of the town hall that didn't get answered during the event. If they can't tell us the truth about taking a paid day off away, what else are they not being honest about? Feels more and more like L48 North instead of ConocoPhillips CANADA.

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Well, the guy in charge of the money there is an id--t. Just ask his direct reports. They've been telling everyone that since he got there.

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Our SLT don’t stay long enough to care about employees or the culture

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