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The place is a sh-t show. The layoffs that were done at the start of Covid were shameful---done over the phone in a group setting--cold, unprofessional--horribly executed. Treated like criminals. It sounds likes it only downhill from there.

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The American executives and management are puppets with no power. The HR department will laugh behind your back. They are arrogant as they know the worker has no representation. Don’t buy into their lame propaganda. The company simply wants American dollars while disrespecting us! We do not need them and their behavior towards the locals will backfire.
The Melville facility should be sold and NO more tax breaks given.
Contact your congressman to wake them up !

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Cold? Horribly executed? Reads as par the course.

The Japanese expats don’t care. They are sheltered from accountability due to their ethnicity. It’s a tragically outdated model of favortism.

They placed the first day back to the office the morning after Super Bowl, this year also Valentines Day. So out of touch with some unforced errors.

The expats have no clue to American culture and are destroying morale. Go home or buy a clue! American Executives need to do a better job of thinking of, and sticking up for, the people.

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