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Is the Amazon lawsuit going to fix our terrible ranking system?

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That ranking system sounds eerily familiar doesn't it fellow cummins employee. Look I've said many of times that the only way this ranking/TMI system gets taken down is when people take it to court. Look as an example lets say that your "coach" says you aren't doing enough work/work orders, essentially using this as a way to beat you up in front of the HR and say that is the reason you aren't performing and have proof aka one time seeing you doing something else and don't ask you why just assume. What they don't take into account is if your amount of work/work orders is more than other workers in your dept.. And if so why didn't they get ranked low performer for the same thing your boss said you was being marked down for.

It's because they are told to pick someone or some ones in their dept. to be low performer and once picked they watch and look for anything that they can use to "show evidence" of this low performance. That's not a true metric, that's a "boss" or bosses who are afraid and/or buddies with individuals in areas of the company or dept that don't have to apply an arbitrary made up and not even applied fairly metric to them but only on you and others in order to protect "friendly/buddy workers".

This system is designed where they can change the rules every other week and then say why didn't you meet those rules, with a straight face? They know it's bs and they designed it this way as a way to get around employment rules being applied fairly for everyone. If they said that one of the metrics to decide if your a solid or above solid performer was the amount of work orders done, then it would be out of their hands or it would be evidence that you and others could take to the boss or his bosses and show nope we are doing a good job.

They don't want to show the personnel file because one the man could argue that it's not correct and two if he says that I saw other workers doing alot less in the same position and they didn't get treated like this. The company or really the managers fear that solid evidence will show non consistency to application of their metrics of behavior or job performance on each and every employee. And when you show no consistency it's to easy for it to be abused and made ad hoc, just like Cummins TMI ranking system.

Tom the CEO of Cummins truly need to think about getting rid of this system, it's a managers way of being a low rent tyrant to people that would go out of their way for him but won't.

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