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MetLife is NOT "Winning the Future" they are "Muddling in Mediocrity"

Perfect example I read about this morning. The company Coinbase is giving employees 4 weeks of "recharge" time this year in addition to their PTO where they are essentially shutting down the company for a week. They did it with one week and two weeks in prior years. This is the kind of forward and innovative thinking that Metlife pretends to be involved in but they are sooooo not doing anything close to this.

And it isn't just Coinbase. Bumble and LinkedIn did similar to cope with COVID burnout.

"Coinbase is not the only company looking to give employees more time off in an effort to keep employees happy and prevent a mass exodus during the COVID pandemic. LinkedIn gave the entire company the week off in April of last year, and the popular dating app Bumble did the same in June."

F this company and their empty promises about being innovative and caring about employees.

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@1nxu+1eMY75Na would love to know where you landed. I need to find a place that actually values work-life balance vs slapping the #BeWell bandaid over a stab wound.

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@1nxu+1eMY75Na Working on leaving, it is important not to just jump ship for the sake of jumping ship though. Don't want to end up in a similar position elsewhere. Would be great if you were able to share where you landed, sounds great wherever it is. Congrats!

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Leave, they won't miss you. They'll backfill your box with a smaller, cheaper box. They'll probably even take your now smaller cheaper box and smash it together with another smaller cheaper box. This way, they create not one but two efficiencies and earn a gold star.

I left last year for:

  • A fully vaccinated workforce
  • Full remote - "feel free to travel to HQ at your leisure. You're encouraged to travel to go be with (fully distributed, boss included) team as you see fit.
  • 20% base raise
  • 200% larger cash bonus
  • 200% more equity
  • Four weeks a year of "focus time", similar to what OP mentioned
  • Unlimited PTO (three weeks just from October to Jan 1, no questions asked)
  • No meeting Fridays
  • Asynchronous work model
  • Most importantly - Thoughtful capacity planning up and down the management ladder which allows me to truly support my team and help them grow personally first and professionally second
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But then the shareholders would be unhappy and we know they're the most important people at this God forsaken company.

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Even if Metlife announced an extra day or two to make a long weekend that would go far in my opinion.

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