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Should I move on?

I've spent +10 years at SAP, I know, its not glamorous, but I can't understand why I can't seem to land a new gig.

I've led marketing teams, major strategic initiatives, and even spent several years working in the leadership team of our new products and ventures division. I've reached onsite interviews at Stripe, UIPath and a handful of others, but can't seem to even have a conversation with most of my applications into even the closest of enterprise SW firms: Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow... rejections before I even speak to someone.

I'm starting to wonder whether the perception of SAP is THAT damaging, or am I just delusional that I have meaningful skills and experience to bring to the table at a growing or at scale enterprise software company? Am I doomed to stay at SAP forever?

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SAP's culture is rather toxic. The folks in the industry knows this. That badge that you thought you had was a brainwashing koolaid they fed you. Good luck ! It's gonna be hard hawking an SAP legacy.

Also, marketing in SAP is different. Outside of SAP you really do need a working product. We don't do glitzy sales powerpoint with buggy software that requires a patch 3 days after it is released.

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I worked for SAP for 10 years...until I finally decided to leave and it was the best decision of my life. True...took me some long time to actually find a new job, but gladly I start looking before actually presenting my resignation letter. Now it's been around 2 months since I one from my old team has contacted me to see how I'm doing...I'm sure they replaced me quickly they don't care about dream of working for SAP became a nightmare that I'm glad it's over now...

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Keep pushing. SAP does have a reputation for not being innovative, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a job at those same companies. Read the job descriptions of the jobs you’re applying to and use non-SAP speak and references. Get out before you can…it’s becoming the next IBM, but worse, IMHO. The pay is horrible and there are so many companies who will see you for what you’re worth.

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