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Btw layoffs and voluntary turnover how much of our US workforce is gone?

Judging by the frantic updates I've been getting from my manager in recent weeks, it feels like 15% maybe 20% of people are gone from a year ago.

And HR has been useless at processing offers in time so we've lost out on at least 3 candidates that took other jobs in the time it took us to even make an offer.

Maybe if the jackals in the C suite hadn't laid off a bunch of people last summer we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. I don't know how JM can tell investors with a straight face that this company is moving up.

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50%!!! I knew our HRBP had been laid off but I didn't realize the cuts were that extreme. No wonder it's been impossible to get HR help lately. When I emailed the support line recently, it took over a week to get a response. The response I got didn't answer my question and was a grammatical train wreck.

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You're not far off on the 20% number. It is higher than that though.

And yes, they laid off 50% of US HR last year and now are shocked that hiring has slowed to a crawl. Not to mention the fact that if you call the HR desk now to ask a question it dumps you to India to be supported by someone who has no idea how our healthcare system works.

Laying off half of HR was definitely the work of black jacket. I am legitimately shocked that anyone could look at the performance of Met's people and say that black jacket is doing a good job.

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