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A third-rate training ground

Take Accidenture for what it is: a third-rate training ground, where you suffer atrocious management and low salary. And once you have beefed up your salary, time to jump.

People make mistake of viewing what Accidenture is. They gobble up the Kool-Aid and overstays their welcome. For those people, just hope that Accidenture kicks you out to tell you to apply your developed talents elsewhere.

This is perfectly put, @5cvw+1eMG8Yj4.

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This is where you have MBA types who doesn't have a slight idea of what you are doing tell you how to do your work. What Taleb calls 'teaching birds how to fly'.

Worse, these clueless people will torture you by insisting you do an impossible task in a ludicrous time frame, while they have no idea on how to perform the work due by the deadline, and no way to determine if you are lying to them if you object.

That's when you're treated as either incompetent or insubordinate, or both. For fear of appearing as such, people go along and pretend. And fear some more because the task is truly impossible, usually because the bid was too low vs. billing rate of task minions.

You have armies of people pretending, to work, to host meetings.. etc.. for fear of being unmasked. Or people doing double-shifts, learning the job while trying to do the job, and burning out. Since they rope you into being 'in the family', there is no demarcation between work and home, you end up with more and more work. This is the mental illness leading to or following the burnout.

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