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Having worked for many years at this once proud and nimble company, it was heartbreaking to witness its rapid decline over the past several years. It would not surprise me if Canon was the next Kodak: a company too hidebound and entrenched in its ways to entertain any concept of flexibility or change, from the products it offers to the way it treats its employees.

In recent years (the last 5 or so), Canon USA has been content (and boastful) of its ability to squeeze every last ounce of profit from its revenues (selling products and services don't account much for their profitability any longer). Of course, the way they do this is to cut everything, particularly people and employee services. That was a theme in my last years there and it's a quaint way of doing business; substitute cost cutting for revenue. Fortunately, they're not a public company and so don't have to risk the ire of shareholders for their stunningly bad performance. Executives and other upper management hang around for years insulated as they are from this ire, even if their best days, and the market itself, have long passed them by.

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The Japanese Upper Management is pathetic and out of touch. They are selected for almost all Upper Management positions due to their ethnicity, certainly not a proven ability to lead Team Canon in America.

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The employee head count is their for the tax breaks. Don’t expect being a local, you are “special”. All the goodies get funneled to the expats then back to the home country. So basically they like our dollars/ sales but disrespect locals. Not a good thing considering where most of their revenue comes from.

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