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Keyloop - they are a laughing stock

Firstly, If I was at CDK reading this I would be very angry. Keyloop separated from CDK nearly a year ago yet all the comments here are still under the CDK banner. The Keyloop leadership team are probably having a good old laugh as they do not have to deal with the bad press and they can gloss over the stark reality of what they have done to the business.

What they have done is break a number of successful products, destroy the business reputation with key customers and cripple its staff. Bullying is rife in some areas and seems to be driven by certain members of the exec leadership group. Customer as a whole is a joke and the leadership group in this area are an internal laughing stock amongst other functions. On certain meetings its become common to hear 'I know its bad but at least I do not work in Customer'.

The values launch has been a disaster and the employees do not believe a word of it. The leadership group are so far removed from the beating heart of the business (its people for those execs reading this who don't understand) and seem to be baffled as to why the values haven't landed.

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