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In the 80's there were 40 RR bulls in my terminal. They worked O/T arrested people daily for stealing, vandalism, and removed alot of trespassers daily. Somewhere almost 10 years ago there was only 5 of em. Today I think there are only 3. Now they make us watch videos telling us we are the eyes and ears of the RR, see something say something call RMCC. Last few years RMCC started calling local PD, then RMCC started telling me to call local PD. Local PD has stopped dispatching officers unless there is a bodily injury or fatality.

Problem is burdening local, state, or even federal law enforcement is reactionary. Having local RR police on duty who know yards, MP's, tracks, etc is PROACTIVE. Also local PD won't always help protect a crossing nor will they guard engineering emp!oyees trying to fix something in the middle of the night in a dangerous area.

Highly populated areas need plenty of RR police. Also its not fair to make tax payer funded law enforcement provide railroad security.

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Agree with your post. The problem is UP isn’t going to increase the number of RR police. Once the downsize, they won’t go back. The “if you see something, say something” catchphrase actually began after 9/11 in response to possible terroristic acts, the RR police hadn’t been downsized then.

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